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Home Visits

We understand that visiting the store is not possible for everyone. Senior citizens and people having mobility issues may find it difficult. However, it does not mean that they will be deprived of our full range of services. Fit Well Footwear has introduced Home Visits to help those people who are not able to visit the store.

Having ascertained your basic requirements, we come prepared to show you the options most likely to suit. Your choice can still be subject to all our usual in-store facilities and options.

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in many particular safety requirements and protocols. All these are strictly adhered to in our Home Visit service as your safety, and that of our staff, are paramount. 

Areas covered by our Home Visit service are detailed on these maps. Just phone the number which covers your area and we will arranged an appointment time for our representative to visit.


Nowadays, a collection of footwear needs not only different types of shoes but also accessories that can complement the shoes in the best possible way. At Fit Well Footwear, you can explore a wide range of accessories for your footwear. 

Our wide collection includes arch supports, shoe care products, silicone foot care products, innersoles, and customised socks for feet or lower leg swelling, and Humphrey Law health socks.


It hurts when your favourite shoes get damaged or worn and you abandon them with a heavy heart.

Now, you don’t need to discard your damaged pre-loved shoes as we can repair them for you. We have access to skilled workers who can help you get your shoes into use. 

These services are not limited to repairs. As no two feet are alike, new shoes often need changes to meet particular needs, so we can help you with our modification services.

The most common modification requirements are related to velcro conversions, build-ups for rocker soles, flares, buttresses and wedges for leg length differences.

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