Home Visits

We recognise that many are not able to visit our stores, so we offer a home visit service where we bring our store to you.

In the current general community conditions, we are especially conscious of being COVID safe in our practices and all use necessary protection equipment and follow Government exclusion guidelines.

Areas we can cover are shown on the map below. Contact us for further details.


We supply a range of footwear accessories, such as;

Prefabricated arch supports, innersoles, shoe care items, or silicone footcare products, and, specialised socks for swelling of lower leg or feet, plus health socks.


No two feet are alike and while our shoes are prefabricated they are all able to be modified to suit a person’s particular needs, such as; Velcro conversions, build-ups for leg length differences, rocker soles, wedges, flares and buttresses. We can also arrange re-sole/heel and other repairs.

Experience the Fit Well Footwear Difference!