About Us

Fit Well Footwear aims to enhance the comfort of wearing a pair of shoes. We understand that well-fitted shoes can make you feel different than the usual experience of wearing a regular shoe.

Over 20 years, we have been working closely with podiatrists, health workers, and medical practitioners and utilise our experience in supplying healthy and comfortable footwear. Don’t think that we focus only on foot health as we always try to offer the right shoes which not only comfortable shoes but ones  which look fashionable as well.

At Fit Well Footwear, we have a team of consultants who can suggest the size, width, and designs suitable for your feet. We perform a careful foot measurement and assessment to help you choose the right shoes. Moreover, we can customise shoes to meet your unique needs. 

If you have mobility or travel problems visiting our store, don’t worry, we will go to your home. We have introduced our home visit service which provides the same full in-store services. 

Fit Well Footwear is registered with the Department of Veterans Affairs, ENABLE, and multiple such local specialist providers.  NDIS services are also available.

Our offerings are divided into two categories – products and services. Our wide collection of products includes comfortable and stylish shoes for women, men, and children and our customised services such as accessories, repairs and modification are aimed at supporting all your ancillary needs.   

Looking for orthopaedic shoes or just need a pair of really comfortable shoes? We can provide all you want! 

Experience the Fit Well Footwear Difference!