We have available a wide range of brands and styles from international specialist shoe manufacturers.

Many medical conditions such as; Arthritis, Diabetes, Bunions, Lymphoedema, Chronic swelling, Hammer Toe, Corns,  Plantar Fasciitis, Moreton’s Neuroma or back pain can call for specialised footwear.

We are authorised suppliers for the Dept of Veterans Affairs, NDIS and Enable, as well as having arrangements with a number of other providers.

Particular modification, split or extra large/wide sizing and custom design are easily dealt with through our range of options.




Children often have special needs when it comes to footwear.

Special Needs

Chronic lower leg issues requiring specific types of footwear which are classed as super-depth with neoprene material, in fittings from size 5 to 17 and up to 14 E width.