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Fit Well Footwear specialises in the assessment and supply of appropriate footwear.


Too many people struggle to put their feet into unsuitable shoes and find that this not only exacerbates their problem but their posture which can lead to unnecessary stress on the body.


Fit Well Footwear and its staff have, since 1989, been a leading provider of orthopaedic and comfort footwear.


Regardless of any specific medical foot problem or difficulty, we will ensure that you will be wearing the most suitable shoes, ones that look like other fashion shoes.


Clients will have their footwear needs assessed and recorded on their permanent file along with their measurements, foot pathology, and any other relevant medical information.


Our staff can then use their extensive knowledge of our footwear range to find the best fit for our clients feet or any orthopaedic appliance such as custom made orthoses or ankle and foot splints (AFOs).


Almost all their footwear can be modified to accommodate a wide range of pathologies. This may be an external shoe raise to compensate for a leg length discrepancy to a complete re-lasting of a shoe to accommodate certain foot types. Certain styles can be custom ordered in split sizes and widths.


Our wide range of shoes provide comfort and relief from aching feet and legs due to various foot and leg problems.


We also have a dedicated home visit service for clients in aged care facilities, nursing homes, private homes or hospital. This is for anyone who for whatever reason is unable to make it to our shop.